Consulting Services for Medical Professionals

Combining your personal financial affairs with those of your professional practice requires a keen eye for detail and knowledge of the opportunities available in the marketplace. We offer consultation services for medical professionals to help them to maximize their financial success.

  • Corporate Structure Planning

    If you are a professional such as a doctor or dentist, you should consider the advantages of incorporating your practice if you haven’t already done so. Incorporation can provide valuable tax savings and tax- deferral benefits.

  • Employee Benefits Consulting

    Employee benefits can help you attract and retain key employees but can also cost you more money than is necessary if they have not been well designed to meet your practice’s unique needs. We will review your existing plans and identify opportunities for savings and efficiencies.

  • Personal Wealth Planning

    Those who incorporate their own professional practice are in a unique position to benefit from potential tax planning opportunities such as tax referral, tax preferential income and sometimes even income which is free of tax altogether. Allow us to help you to identify these options and maximize your profit.

  • Risk Management

    Together, we will identify the types of risk that your finances are most likely to face and draw up contingency plans to mitigate said risks. The purpose of this process is to ensure that you have appropriate risk coverage where needed, whilst avoiding coverage that adds no value to your personal circumstances.

  • Selling Your Practice

    If, at some time in the future, you wish to sell your practice to another physician or retire, you are likely to need support with the various processes and regulations that are required between parties such as accountants, lawyers and valuators. We will ease this process for you by acting as facilitators between all parties to ensure a smooth and successful outcome.

Our hard work doesn’t end here. We undertake continuous reviews and monitoring in order to keep your financial plan on track, evaluate success and make changes where necessary.

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