Executive consulting services

Managing a corporation, though rewarding, can also bring with it a number of complex personal and professional challenges. Allow us to help you to navigate your way through these issues in order to achieve greater success by following our step by step plan for executives.

  • Compensation Consulting

    The compensation landscape at executive level can become ever more complex and confusing. With so many options offering different benefits, including Pensions, Stock Options, SERPs etc, it can be hard to know what is best to do with your money. We will help you to make sense of the opportunities available to you by explaining the options in clear terms and making reasoned recommendations which are aligned to your broader financial strategy.

  • Job Offer Consulting

    Your unique set of skills and experience are likely to be in demand in the marketplace and, after being headhunted or applying for and accepting a new role, you may need some expert support in comparing compensation and benefits arrangements between your old and new companies. We can help you to weigh up your options and choose the role which benefits and rewards you the most.

  • Company stock risk management

    It’s possible that your role offers you access to generous stock grants and options, which can be rewarding benefits to receive but also need careful assessment to ensure that your wealth is not too dependent on the performance of one organization.

  • Executive top ups

    We will review your compensation package and make recommendations as to the extent to which your group insurance carrier adequately compensates you in the event of a disability, for example. If we recommend an executive top up plan, we will support you to find one that is suited best to your circumstances.

Our hard work doesn’t end here. We undertake continuous reviews and monitoring in order to keep your financial plan on track, evaluate success and make changes where necessary.

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